Artist's Statement

The following exhibit of works is a retrospective of my work in painting, drawing and new constructed works. These images depict five separate and unique bodies of work and give examples of the past, present and future.

In concept, all my work stems from a form of abstract expressionism dealing with creating a mode of communication through abstract images that are esoteric in nature. All of the paintings and drawings hint at certain images and symbols that a viewer may recognize but does not necessarily coincide with my intent. These images and symbols of my personal and esoteric experiences are expressed in non-objective yet formal compositions. Utilizing color, movement, rhythm, balance etc., my expressionistic execution of the work comes from a personal and emotional response to each painting. These works are not intended to be purely non-objective in the traditional sense but rather appreciated by the individual based on his or her own experiences. The abstract expressionist style is carried throughout my work but does not rely heavily on historical boundaries. I combine strong, vibrant colors with implied motion to reflect my key themes of nature, music and environment.